Director’s Message

At ABC Montessori, our foremost priorities are to provide students with a friendly, nurturing, safe and supportive school environment where teachers  are caring, encouraging and dedicated to the overall success of every student.   Every student deserves the support, encouragement and the opportunity to reach their full potential. We aspire to provide every student with the opportunity to succeed by giving him or her the tools to build a strong foundation, in an environment that is stimulating, challenging and very supportive. It is our goal to make every student’s experience at ABC Montessori as rewarding and fulfilling as possible.

We understand that every student is an individual with a unique personality and unique strengths and weaknesses.  Students receive a great deal of personal attention in the classroom, thereby, allowing teachers to gain a very good understanding of each student’s academic progress as well as social requirements. ABC Montessori is an inclusive environment where diversity and individual differences are embraced and appreciated. A place where diversity is celebrated and mutual respect and understanding contribute toward a cohesive school community. It is our goal to encourage our students to be, above all else, kind and compassionate citizens.

Thank you.

  • What Our Students Say…

    "You will never find greater teachers anywhere else than at ABC Montessori. This school has teachers that care for and love all the children. They would do anything to make us smarter and more responsible students." Mackenzie M. – Grade 5