Philosophy & Objectives

sAt ABC Montessori, we believe that education is the foundation for life. The education that a child receives at an early age is one of the most important factors that will determine his or her future. The impact of early education is felt throughout a person’s life. A student’s school experience must be positive and fulfilling. We believe the school environment must be warm and nurturing. We believe that the responsibility of ensuring a student receives a good education is shared by the school and parents. School staff and parents are partners, working together to ensure that we instill sound values, guide and inspire students to reach their full potential.

ABC Montessori’s educational philosophy is based on educating the “whole child”. Teaching a student structure, discipline, good work habits, time management and practical life and social skills is as important as academics. We believe that building self-confidence, independence and motivation will give a person the  ability to attempt new things, to be a leader and to always put forth their best effort.

1. To give students a fulfilling school experience and create a love of learning.
2. To guide children in their development and stimulate growth and socialization.
3. To help students find alternatives, to invent and to imagine.

4. To help students find alternatives, to invent and to imagine.

5. To encourage students to explore their natural interests and skills.

6. To encourage students to be leaders, good citizens and kind and compassionate human beings.
  • What Our Parents Say…

    "At ABC Montessori, the principles of integrity, co-operation, responsibility, and respect are modeled by teachers, emulated by students, and practiced by all. While other schools are exclusive, not recognizing the cultural and religious celebrations of its student body, ABC Montessori is inclusive in acknowledging its cultural and religious diversity. Our daughter has learned tolerance, respect, and understanding"

    – Mary Jo S. - Parent

  • News & Events

    mathABC Montessori had the 2015 Grade 4 Mathematica competition National Champion, who scored first place out of 10,241 students from across Canada! ABC Montessori ranked 3rd out of 292 schools at the 2015 Grade 3 Mathematica competition.